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We’ve been operating in the insurance repairs industry for over 10 years. We have an excellent reputation and are well respected for our service and expertise.

We work closely with loss adjusting firms and insurance companies on all kinds of insurance reinstatement work from small repairs through to full house rebuilds.

We have an excellent reputation.

It’s likely that you’re reading this because you’ve recently made a claim with your insurer and they have contacted us. If that is true the information below will give you a little bit more understanding of how the insurance process works.

  • The insurance company or loss adjusting firm contacts us with a scope of the damage at your property
  • Depending of the size and complexity of the job we may have provided a price to the insurance company from photos and scope that they have provided
    • If the job is too large or complex, it is likely that we will need to come out to site to view the damage first hand and then provide a quote and report back to the insurance company.
    • Depending on the value of the job, the insurance company may ask two or more building companies to provide a quote.
  • The insurance company then either accepts or declines your claim based on their assessment of the information presented.  This will be based on the particulars of what your insurance policy covers.
  • We get appointed as the builder once the claim is accepted.  Once we are notified by the insurance company we will get in contact with you directly to arrange payment of your excess.
  • Once we have received your excess payment we will contact you again to discuss the authorised scope of work and to start organising what needs to happen (materials, labour, subtrades etc). 
    • The amount of organisation that is required and the lead time to complete the job will depend on the size of the job.
    • If there are other building works that you’ve been considering that aren’t related to your insurance work then this stage in the process is a good time to mention it.  We’ll give you a free quote directly and can get this work done at the same time while we’re on site.  If this work goes ahead we’ll invoice you for it separately.
  • The quote that we’ve provided to the insurance company includes all of the subtrades that are required (e.g. plumber, electrician, painter etc) so we’ll project manage the job on your behalf until it is completed.
  • Once the work is done, we’ll confirm with you that you’re happy and then